'All My Children' look out Erica holds Caleb at gunpoint


Looking at last Monday- Jake and Amanda have trouble keeping their vow of celibacy until the wedding.  A drunken Tad tells Jake he’s mistreated a woman he cares about. David heads to the casino where Jake’s bachelor party is taking place.  After a dispute David punches Jake. Amanda and Greenlee crash the bachelor party just as Jesse’s cuffing David. Liza offers Jasmine a bonus if Colby catches her in bed with Damon. When Liza realizes that Jasmine’s not going to get the job done she takes matters into her own hands. She flirts with Damon and tries to seduce him.  Damon takes Liza home.  Liza texts Colby to come on over and has Damon help her out of her dress but the plan backfires when there’s a knock at the door and it’s not Colby, but Tad.   

Tuesday- A startled Liza gathers her clothes and Damon hides.  A drunken Tad wants her to dance with him tomorrow at the wedding and Liza agrees. Once Tad is gone, Damon comes out of hiding and tells Liza he knows her plan was to have Colby catch them together.  As a little insurance, he’s snapped some photos of her but won’t show them unless he has to.  In cuffs at the bachelor party, David eggs on Jake, who hits him and both men are taken down to the station. Greenlee helps Amanda look for a missing wedding ring.  With Ryan’s help, the two are able to find it. Ryan and Greenlee share a moment and Ryan can’t help but think of their adventures together.   

Wednesday-As Tad helps Jake set up for the wedding, Damon looks at the half naked picture he took of Liza. Colby asks her mother what’s changed since she isn’t pressuring Colby to stay away from Damon and Liza covers by saying it’s because her and Tad might be getting back together. Madison accompanies Ryan to the wedding and feels a bit self-conscious about her attire. Greenlee admits to Ryan that she knows what happened to Erica. Jackson refuses to represent David as he needs all his time/energy to focus on finding Erica. Jake and Amanda’s wedding gets under way and the two profess their love for one another.  While everyone is dancing and having a good time, Angie’s knees buckle and she collapses in Jesse’s arms.   Erica finds a photo of woman in Caleb’s bag and he angrily grabs it away from her. 

Thursday- Liza tells Damon what Tad did to her all those years ago (slept with her mom) and doesn’t want him hurting Colby the same way. Tad admits to Colby that he wants the same happiness as Jake and says he has feelings for Liza.   Sexual tension is high between Tad and Liza and they kiss.  They agree to give things a shot. Greenlee tells Ryan that she knows where Erica is but won’t give any further details.  Krystal and Jackson head to West Virginia to find Erica. Angie recovers from collapsing and reassures Jesse that she’ll be fine.

Friday- Colby and Damon talk about having sex. She admits she doesn’t want to have any doubts when they actually have sex for the first time and he agrees to wait even though it’s obvious he’s frustrated over her change of heart. Concerned for her daughter, Liza thinks she’s about to catch the two in the act but all she finds is them talking.  Damon texts Liza one of the half naked pictures he took, causing her to get upset and cut the evening short with Tad.  Jesse allows David to talk to Greenlee who apologizes for opening her mouth.  Jesse questions David who won’t give up anything, and claims that Ryan was putting words in Greenlee’s mouth. She follows her husband’s lead and admits that she only felt guilty about Erica because she had wished she’d disappear due to their ongoing feud.  Both David and Greenlee are released.

VCR Alerts  what is coming this week:

Monday, 6/14  
Erica holds Caleb at gunpoint.
Bianca threatens Greenlee.
JR wants to sleep with Annie.

Tuesday, 6/15      
Erica falls into a pit.
Jackson and Krystal find Caleb’s cabin
Jesse worries about Angie’s health.

Wednesday, 6/16  
Will Jackson find Erica?
Opal has a warning for David
Caleb disappears.

Thursday, 6/17  
Angie takes a pregnancy test.
Liza has a panic attack
Brot shuts down.

Friday, 6/18  
Jackson makes a proposal.
Scott tries to get his hands on Palmer’s will.
JR has a change of heart.

(source: ABC)