Monday- David overhears Bianca trying to convince Greenlee to make David take the fall for the scandal. David asks Erica if she truly believes he would try and kill her and she admits she has no idea who he is anymore. Jackson and Erica learn that Palmer’s will is to be read. Angie admits to Jake she might have AVOR and explains the consequences of the virus.  Jake encourages her to tell Jesse but Angie wants to talk to a specialist first. 

Tuesday- Bianca tells her mother she is going back to Europe unless there is a wedding to stick around for.  At the reading of Palmer’s will, Erica tells Jackson she wants to get married as soon as possible. Jackson reads Palmer’s will to the family. Erica and Palmer’s nephew Caleb Cooney are named partners of Cortdlandt Electronics and its subsidiaries. Annie and Scott defend themselves to JR on why they are attending the reading of Palmer’s will. JR tells Annie that their sexual relationship will never happen again and he only turned to her because he was in a bad place.

Wednesday- When Krystal gives Marissa some advice regarding JR she accuses Krystal of never being there for her. While talking to JR, Tad senses that JR loves his wife but his actions say otherwise. In an effort to prove herself to the family and to the man she loves, Annie wants to make a donation to the hospital on behalf of the Chandler family for Palmer. Unfortunately for Annie, JR beats her to it and donates the check first. When David and Greenlee go back to Wildwind they discover from Jesse that Palmer had purchased the house and wants him out.  They head to a hotel and Greenlee’s okay with the fact he got a room with only one bed and they make love. Jesse asks Tad for help in finding the missing airplane mechanic that could possibly incriminate David.  Jesse believes Angie’s recent health problems are stressed related and lead back to David. Both Caleb and Erica are in shock over Palmer’s plans for them.  Palmer’s will also asks for Caleb to change his last name to Cortdlandt and host a party with Erica to introduce himself to everyone.  Neither of them wants to go through with this but Opal insists.  Caleb also learns Palmer bought Wildwind and wants him to live there. Erica wants to set a wedding date with Jackson ASAP. 

Thursday- Amanda finds the incriminating photos of Liza on Damon’s phone.  She confronts Liza who pleads with her not to say anything. Colby tells Liza that she got the internship in New York. Liza questions Damon on why he wants Tad to adopt him.  A suspicious Colby wants to hire Tad to look into whether Damon is seeing someone else. Greenlee reassures David that Ryan is her past and he is her present and future. Madison tells Ryan she believes he is really over Greenlee. Ryan invites Madison to join him on a business trip to NY and she happily accepts.

Friday- Tad suggests to Colby that she talk to Damon about her concerns as he doesn’t plan to investigate his own son. Liza asks Damon to let Colby go to NY on her own and start a new life with her internship.  Damon tells Colby he has a lot of things to take care of in PV so it’s better that she go to NY alone.  Colby accepts his decision but has no idea where things stand anymore between them. Damon gets into an argument with Paul when he shows up at the Martin house to drop off some of his things.  Liza arrives and tells Tad the adoption went through.  Damon never wants to see Paul again.  After Paul says his son is a lost case, Tad hits him.  Paul decides to press charges and Tad is taken down to the station. 

VCR Alerts 

Monday, 7/5 Encore Episode

Tuesday, 7/6 
Erica makes a shocking revelation.
Scott makes Caleb an offer.
Damon sneaks a kiss from Liza. 

Wednesday, 7/7  
Will Erica get Caleb’s half of Cortlandt Electronics?
Frankie makes an offer to Madison.
David makes a promise to Greenlee.

Thursday, 7/8  
Angie becomes disoriented.
Jesse is suspended.
Greenlee confronts David.

Friday, 7/9 
What will Krystal tell Caleb out the Chandler’s?
Colby turns down the internship in New York.
Jackson questions Erica about Caleb.

(source: ABC)