‘All My Children’ sizzle under the sheets; Damon undresses Liza


Monday holiday ALC was an Encore Episode. Original air date 1/5/10–This is the show’s 40th Anniversary episode.  The episode was originally broadcast in SD but will be up converted to HD for this broadcast. But if you missed the sizzle to the hip let’s take a closer look and what is going to happen this week:

Tuesday-Tad continues to try and make Damon feel like part of the family. Colby asks Tad to talk to Liza on her behalf.  She wants him to convince her mother that Damon’s a good guy. Both Greenlee and Ryan separately agree to be in Amanda’s wedding.  Ryan and Greenlee seem to be bonding until Ryan brings up Erica. Jack continues to look for Erica. David calls his people to find out what really happened to Erica before anyone else does. Jesse goes to help Madison, who’s caught in a smoky hotel room.  Brot has flashbacks from Iraq and freezes up.  Ryan visits Madison in the hospital and she rushes him out as she’s trying to keep things casual between them. 
 Wednesday-JR finds Annie taking a vase from the house and reprimands her for stealing.  Marissa turns to her father for help in getting Annie out of their lives. Annie insists to Scott that if there’s any heat between her and JR it’s one sided. Ryan visits Madison and reassures her that he likes her. Ryan insists that Madison stay at the casino until she finds a new place.  Claiming he’s worried that Greenlee will be distracted with reminders from her old life, David’s attempt to get his wife to stay away from Jake and Amanda’s wedding fails. Up in the mountains Erica has a fever and starts to hallucinate. Jackson turns to Doc Waller for some help in finding Erica.

Thursday-After Scott appears on the cover of a magazine for an article on Chandler Enterprises, he and Annie share a celebratory lunch.  In an effort to try and destroy Annie, JR tells a blogger she is a liar and a murder suspect.  Scott and Annie hear the gossip, and JR admits to Annie that he’s responsible for it.  Marissa warns Annie not to go near her husband again. Annie tells Marissa that it must be tough to know her husband is obsessed with her.  Worried about Jackson searching for Erica, Greenlee interrupts him while he’s with Doc Waller to let him know the SEC is on their way to check the books and she needs someone there to defend Erica.  Ryan questions Greenlee on whether she is behind the scandal. After having a vision of Erica telling her David’s going to break and blame the whole thing on her, Greenlee’s shaken, and collapses in David’s arms. Caleb tells Erica her leg is still not doing well.  Erica heads out to the plane’s wreckage.  Madison agrees to go with Ryan to Jake and Amanda’s wedding.

Friday- Scott threatens to sue the blogger if he doesn’t retract what he wrote.  JR overhears Annie encouraging Scott to feel good about his invention.  Annie reminds JR that Scott can handle the family and the business and won’t turn on Adam the way he did.  JR and Annie share a passionate kiss until she pulls away and threatens to call the police.  Scott tells Annie that he wants her to move in with him. Colby offers Liza a truce as long as she stops trying to break up her and Damon.  Liza sees a message on Colby’s phone encouraging her to hook up with Damon. Liza hires an exotic dancer to get Damon into bed and plans for Colby to see. 

What will happen this week on “All My Children”

Monday, 6/7  
Damon undresses Liza.
Will Jake and Amanda keep their vow of celibacy?
David punches Jake.

Tuesday, 6/8  
David and Jake are taken down to the PVPD.
Will Amanda find the missing wedding ring?    
Ryan and Greenlee share a moment.

Wednesday, 6/9  
Greenlee makes a confession about Erica.
Angie collapses.
Jake and Amanda get married.

Thursday, 6/10  
Tad and Liza kiss.
Krystal and Jackson join forces to find Erica.
Angie reassures Jesse she is feeling fine.  
Friday, 6/11    
Damon is frustrated about Colby’s change of heart.
Greenlee backs up David story.
Liza gets a scandalous text.