An ‘EPIC’ Donation In North Carolina


Wake Forest, N.C., is widely known as the former home of a university that produced such all-star sports legends as retired San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan.

In this town within the Raleigh-Durham DMA is a low-powered FM radio station that’s being gifted. Here are the details.

It’s certainly an “Epic” deal.

All Saints Catholic Radio is handing WFNE-LP 103.5 in Wake Forest to EPIC Radio, a non-profit.

The recipient of this gift is led by Blair Seelinger.

WFNE-LP signed on the air on Oct. 19. 2015 and was silent from July 18, 2018 through Feb. 24, 2019.

Under its new licensee, WFNE will continue to serve as a broadcast ministry, offering programs centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“EPIC Radio 103.5FM is coming soon to Wake Forest and will have live, interactive, and compelling Catholic talk radio from Relevant Radio,” the LPFM’s website notes.

Relevant Radio is the 24/7 non-secular network of noncommercial stations operated by Immaculate Heart Media.

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