‘All The Money In The World’ Goes To Cable Spots


Want to know who took a whole bunch of cash and gave it to MVPDs for the privilege of using regional cable TV spots to reach consumers?

Look no further than Ridley Scott, and TriStar Pictures. Thanks to them, a feature film looking for a big Christmas Day opening in cinemas just got a big marketing push, the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report shows.

For the week ending Dec. 17, the Scott-directed film All The Money in The World debuted at No. 10 in the report, with 22,194 spots.

The film, about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, stars Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg and Christopher Plummer and carries a budget of $40 million. It was originally scheduled for a November 16 premiere, with Kevin Spacey in the role that was quickly recast with Plummer.

The move appears to have been beneficial: Golden Globe Award nominations have already been given to Plummer, along with Williams and director Scott.

Meanwhile, bedding retailer MyPillow is now a Top 5 advertiser at cable TV, with 24,609 spots.

GEICO remains the leader, with JCPenney a strong No. 2.