Allstate Spanish-language TV campaign launches


Since 2003, actor Dennis Haysbert has delivered his trademark baritone, reassuring messages such as “That’s Allstate’s Stand” and “Are you in Good Hands?” throughout commercials created by Allstate. Now, he is making his Spanish-speaking debut in several new Spanish-language TV spots that emphasize the importance of having the best protection and assure viewers that “Con Allstate, estas en buenas manos.” (“With Allstate, you’re in Good Hands.”)

“Research has shown that Hispanic consumers view Dennis as a well-recognized, trusted and powerful presence in our advertising,” said Georgina Flores, senior marketing manager for Allstate.

Haysbert will appear in several new commercials this year, including one that will launch in coming months titled, “Protection.” The ad reinforces the fact that because consumers want to protect their families, Allstate provides them with the best protection at a price that’s affordable: “Allstate pone la mejor proteccion a tu alcance.” (“Allstate gives you the best protection that’s within your reach.”)

“These new ads, like all of Allstate’s marketing efforts targeting the Hispanic community, demonstrate the various ways that Allstate actively protects customers everyday. We are a company that truly cares about providing quality service to our customers and our communities, and Allstate is here to provide that service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, where, when and how customers want to be serviced,” Flores added.

Another new commercial, “Break Up,” will emphasize the ease of switching to Allstate with the assistance of an Allstate agent, and the savings consumers can enjoy if they do, and will feature music by Jose Jose, a popular Mexican singer know among generations of Hispanics for his romantic ballads. Another commercial slated to air in coming months (“Good Night”) will showcase Allstate’s 24/7 availability — via Allstate agents, online or via phone.