Almavision Sells A Silent Silver State Noncomm


The licensee of three low-power TV facilities, two of which are primarily used for radio broadcasts at 87.7 MHz in Miami, is selling its lone officially licensed FM radio station. It’s located in a rural part of northern Nevada, and it’s the top deal in RBR+TVBR’s TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Friday, Aug. 11, 2017.

Alma Vision Hispanic Network is the owner of KTAV-LD, at Channel 35, licensed to the Los Angeles suburb of Altadena, Calif. It’s also the owner of WEYS-LD and WEYS-LP, each of which use Channel 6 in Miami.

WEYS-LP allows Alma Vision to use an analog Channel 6 signal for radio programming that airs across the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market under the “Almavisión” brand, and that programming will not be heard on a silent FM station in Hawthorne, Nev., presently owned by Alma Vision.

That’s because for-profit NYX Communications is acquiring the facility, 100-watt KAVB-FM 98.7. The station serves the towns of Hawthorne and Babbitt along U.S. 95, to the southeast of Reno.

The purchase price is $14,000, with a $1,500 immediate payment being made by NYX allowing it to assume control of the facility via a Time Brokerage Agreement.

At closing, $2,000 cash will be paid to Alma Vision. Then, the remainder will be executed through a secured Promissory Note of $10,500, payable in three annual installments of $3,500.

NYX Communications is led by Kevin Fitzgerald, who serves as President and the 50% stockholder of Europa Communications. Europa is the owner of Classic Rock WMTT-FM in Tioga, Pa., which serves the Elmira-Corning, N.Y., market. Fitzgerald is also the 50% owner, with George Hawras, of WPHD-FM in South Waverly, Pa., another Elmira market station.

Additionally, Fitzgerald is the 50% owner of Class C2 KACE-FM 98.3 in Beatty, Nev., and Class A KACG-FM 100.3 in Goldfield, Nev. These stations cover areas of U.S. 95 to the south of Hawthorne, and KAVB is likely poised to become a simulcast partner with KACE.


  • In Reading, Pa., translator W292FD at 106.3 MHz is being traded to Calvary Chapel Bible Broadcasting from Hope Christian Church of Marlton, N.J. for the symbolic price of $1.
  • Catz and Dawgs now own a radio station! That’s the name of the buyer for K238BS at 95.5 in Kingman, Ariz. The seller is Cameron Broadcasting, and the purchase price is $50,000. A 10% escrow deposit has been made to the seller.