Aloha means good-bye AND hello


Clear Channel is reeling a couple back in. Two of the stations it parked with Jeanette Tully in the Aloha Trust are coming back home, each for a different reason. The affected markets are Bakersfield CA and Ft. Pierce FL. In Bakersfield, a station was sold to a 3rd party, according to Clear Channel’s FCC filing. That makes room for the return of KDFO-FM, licensed to Delano CA. It’ll rejoin a cluster that already includes KBFP-AM, KHTY-AM, KBFP-FM, KRAB-FM & KSRY-FM. In Fort Pierce FL, when it came time to put stations in Aloha, CC apparently couldn’t decide completely decide which to spin and which to keep, so it entrusted four to Tully when it needed only to send three. It is bringing back WQOL-FM Vero Beach to fill out a cluster already featuring WZTA-AM, WAVW-FM, WKGR-FM & WLDI-FM.