Alpha Broadcasting stations to paint Portland clean


Alpha Broadcasting has invited listeners to partner with Rodda Paint Co to help clean up some of Portland’s neighborhoods this Saturday, July 24th.  With the training and supervision of the City’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement, personalities from each of the Alpha stations will grab their buckets, brushes and supplies, ridding five different neighborhoods of graffiti by repainting buildings with paint provided by Rodda.

Participating station personalities include KUFO’s Ditch and Marconi, KXL-AM’s Colby Reade, KUPL’s Lola and Leela K., KINK’s Brad Dolbeer and KXTG’s Dwight Jaynes.  Listeners can sign up to volunteer with their favorite personalities online at  The teams will gather at 7am for breakfast and training.  From there each team will fan out to a designated neighborhood around the city and work to restore it to its original beauty by painting over graffiti.

“It is our mission to bring live and local news and entertainment to Portland and part of that is utilizing the power of our stations to create awareness and positive change in the community,” commented Alpha Broadcasting President/COO Bob Proffitt. “We are proud to participate in this effort and inspired to see local companies like Rodda Paint get involved in our community.  Combined with the support of the City only enhances the message that we can make a difference.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Partnering with an advertiser or potential advertiser to get listeners involved in community goodwill has always been a win-win for radio, and part of its legacy. Other examples include free veterinary checkups and vaccinations for dogs and cats; free meals for the homeless from local restaurants and home fix-its with local construction firms and home improvement retailers for the elderly and disadvantaged.