‘Digital-Like’ TV Ad Measurement’ From Alphonso


TV data company Alphonso has introduced the second generation of Alphonso Insights, its self-serve dashboard for real-time TV ad analytics and closed-loop attribution.

The service now includes several major new features and data sets that are designed to help marketers better understand TV ad efficacy, for any brand, over any time frame.

In particular, the new Alphonso Insights dashboard, the company says, simplifies the process of drilling down into granular details, from any given view.

New detailed metrics include:

-Viewability: The percentage of ads that were viewed in totality across all ad views, for any given creative, over its lifetime

-Lifetime Household Reach: The number of households that saw any given creative over its lifetime

-Lifetime Average Frequency: The average number of times a household saw any given creative over its lifetime

-Audience Demographics: Demographic details for any brand’s reach, including distribution by age, gender, income, and more, as well as brand-level household reach and frequency in the same view

-Advanced Data Manipulation: Select any date range for any set of creatives or campaigns, to view reach, frequency and demographics for the customized criteria

-Granular, Single-Click Metrics: From any chart (for example, a airings by network for any creative or brand), easily drill down on any chart column to filter metrics by show, by product, by daypart and more


TV Data-Driven Media Activation

Alphonso Insights enables marketers to pinpoint the programs and networks their actual customers watch the most, and to complement their TV spend by engaging those customers directly with ads across mobile and connected devices.

“Television remains a powerful medium for advertisers, but until now, it has been too hard to measure,” says Ashish Chordia, CEO and co-founder of Alphonso. “With budgets now divided across a range of mediums including mobile, social, print, out-of-home and TV, the ability to show the effectiveness of TV ads in driving return on ad spend is more important than ever. Alphonso Insights is the solution that brings digital-like audience and campaign measurement to the desktop of every marketer, so they can plan, measure and optimize much more effectively.”

Local Brand Insights

Alphonso Insights provides real-time TV ad analysis at both a national and local level.  Alphonso Insights covers 10 of the top local markets in the U.S. today. Alphonso expects to expand its coverage to the top 50 markets by the end of this year.

Self-Serve TV-to-Web and TV-to-Location Attribution

Alphonso Insights is used by thousands of brands, networks and agencies for always-on TV ad campaign metrics, competitive research, media planning, closed-loop attribution and more. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering gives marketing executives and teams deep insights into the effectiveness of TV ads in driving business results such as web visits, foot traffic, and purchases.

Alphonso’s “always-on” database of TV ads and associated metadata is made possible by the company’s machine learning technology.

With data centers across all major metropolitan areas in the U.S., Alphonso automatically detects, ingests, and catalogs all ads airing across hundreds of broadcast and cable channels and networks, as well as major OTT streaming services.

Alphonso collects TV viewership data from 34 million opted-in U.S. households. The automatic content recognition (ACR) technology that powers Alphonso’s TV data collection has been adopted by many of the world’s largest TV manufacturers, living room device makers, and mobile app developers.