Altman stakes up in Havre de Grace


WJSS-AM, a News-Talker serving the Baltimore market from Havre de Grace MD, is changing hands – even if some of the hands already there are going to stay on board. The buyer is CRS Radio Holdings, and its principal, Gardner H. Altman Jr., is listed as already having a minority stake in the station.

Altman will pay $750K cash to Benjamin-Dane LLC and its majority partner, Ronald Reeves. An LMA for the station just began on the first of the month.

WJSS does most of its heavy lifting during daylight hours. The 1330 kHz Class B has 5 kw to work with when the sun is up, but drops to half a kw (500 w) at night.

Baltimore will be the fifth and by far the largest market for Altman. He already operates in Fayetteville NC with WFBX-AM Spring Lake NC; Myrtle Beach SC with WMIR-AM Atlantic Beach SC; Alexandria LA with KTTP-AM Pineville LA and unrated Ahoskie NC with WFBX-AM.