Aluratek debuts WiFi Internet radio tuner for home theaters


Irvine, CA-based Aluratek, creator of computer peripherals and consumer electronic devices, announced the debut of the Home Theater Edition WiFi Internet Radio Tuner, a wireless radio with easy access to more than 11,000 stations in more than 150 countries with no monthly fees. With built-in HD station support, the radio connects easily to a home theater system unit using a standard RCA audio input and to any WiFi/Wireless router.

The new Home Theater Edition WiFi Internet Radio supports all receivers and is compatible with universal plug-n-play audio servers like Microsoft Media Player 11, Microsoft Media Connect and MusicMatch Jukebox so you can stream your music library from your computer wirelessly in addition to the 11,000+ radio stations. The device requires little calibration, allowing music lovers to set up and start playing radio through their home theater systems in a matter of minutes.

The radio is fully searchable by musical genre (e.g. classical, pop, talk, news, etc.), as well as geographically for stations in more than 150 countries. A built-in USB port allows the radio to connect directly to a USB 2.0 flash drive, MP3 player or hard drive to access music files stored on the devices.