AM pair forming in Texarkana area


Robert A. DelGiornia is not only getting a second AM station in the Texarkana area, he’s getting his first that is actually in the market. KKTK-AM is coming from American Media Investments Inc. in a cash deal.

The seller is headed by Martin C. Bicknell, and the buyer – Freed AM Corporation – by Robert A. DelGiorno.
The price is $291.9K, $250K for the station assets and $41.9K for associated real estate.

KKTK-AM is a Class C on 1400 kHz with a 1 kW-U signal that is just about perfectly centered in the market. Its city of license is Texarkana TX.

It will pair up with KPYN-AM Atlanta TX, which is adjacent to but not part of the actual Texarkana market. It is situated to the south as a Class D on 900 kHz with 1 kW-D and a nominal 33 Watts at night.

DelGiorno has another station more or less in the area. KWXI-AM Glenwood AR is a daytimer with 5 kW on 670 kHz. It is located in what you might call the middle of somewhere. It isn’t in rated territory, but it is in a spot west of Little Rock, south of Fort Smith and north of Texarkana. It does not share significant contour overlap with either KKTK or KPYN.