AM radio pair in the making in Macon


Sun Broadcasting Inc. does not own any radio stations at the moment, but it is about to go from zero to two in the Macon GA market. It has filed its second deal in less than a month with the FCC to make it all happen.

Sun is owned by Daniel F. Evans. It has just struck a deal with David A. Rodgers’ WBML Inc. for WBML-AM Macon. Rodgers will be left a more homogenous station portfolio when the deal closes – he has five other stations, all in Indiana.

The price for WBML is $50K. Evans will put the entire amount into an escrow deposit held by Mark Jorgenson of Jorgenson Broadcast Brokerage. A time brokerage agreement kicked in for the station 6/17/11.

The deal comes on the heels of a $40K transaction for WXKO-AM Fort Valley GA. That station is coming from Christopher L. Murray’s WVKX Radio LLC, and is also a cash deal. An LMA for WXKO began 5/30/11, and the deal to acquire the station was filed with the FCC 6/20/11.

Although the stations will essentially form an AM duopoly, WBML is the only one of the two that throws its primary signal over the municipality. WBML is a Class D on 900 kHz with 2 kW-D and 145 W-N on a non-directional stick.

WXKO’s Fort Valley center of gravity places it to the southwest of Macon, and it’s secondary signal is the best it can do in terms of hitting Macon turf, and only during daytime hours. It too is a Class D, on 1150 kHz with 1 kW-D and 62 W-N on a non-directional tower.