AM Revitalization Changes Effective Feb. 18


FCCdoorThe effective date of the revised AM revitalization rules is Feb. 18. The order concerns the plans to allow AM owners to apply to move their FM translators up to 250-miles once, as well as several technical changes designed to drop transmission and licensing costs for AM owners.

Feb. 18. is also the deadline for anyone who wants to file a petition for reconsideration with the FCC about the changes. Federal Register publication triggered the deadlines.

That’s also true of comment deadlines for those who wish to comment on proposed rules to revitalize AM. Comments must be filed on or before March 21 and replies by April 18 to Docket 13-249.

Read the adopted changes here: and the proposed changes here:


  1. In our comments our group is supporting:

    1. Support that FCC remove the 1KW daytime limit for all Class C stations and permit powers to 4KW. Class C stations on the 6 channels 1490,1450,1400,1340,1240&1230 represent 1/5 of all AM stations. Under proposed rules they would continue to be limited to 1KW. If the new protected contour is 2 mV/m than bottom a power increase is required for parity.

    2. There should be an open filing window ( 6 months or more) for “all” AM stations to move to any frequency under the proposed new Section 73.37 overlap criteria to permit optimization of existing stations coverage and asset deployment

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