Amazing new list from Michigan university


Lake Superior State University of Saulte St. Marie MI has issued its latest list of banned words, and “amazing” tops the list this time around.  The words that made the roster got there for being misused, overused or both, and perhaps should be avoided by the air talent at your station.

Let’s cut right to the chase: Here are the banned words and phrases for 2012:

* amazing: number one nominee, said to be overused mostly on television, on reality shows and by Martha Stewart and Anderson Cooper – one person called it the new awesome in terms of overuse

* baby bump: one person remarked that it makes pregnancy seem like just another celebrity accessory

* shared sacrifice: political phrase that is said to really mean, I want THEM to sacrifice

* occupy: it was ok with it was just Occupy Wall Street, but when it became Occupy (insert whatever here), it became too much

* blowback: cited as an odd corporate replacement for pushback or resistance

* man cave: first overused on home improvement specialty programs and then drifted into sitcom and commercial scripts, then into the real estate community

* the new normal: said to be used to gel the idea that it is too late to do anything about a certain condition or state of an element of civilization

* pet parent: no, you are not your kitty’s mommy or daddy – assailed as cloyingly sweet

* win the future: a completely empty political phrase that can be applied to any position

* trickeration: it is wondered what is wrong with trick or trickery – no need for this word at all

* ginormous: looking at various remarks, commenters believe that those who use this made up word look like gigantic enormous idiots

* thank you in advance: taken at face value, it’s an attempt to force the action you want by issuing thanks before the target person has had a chance to evaluate whether they are going to humor you or not