AmericaFree.TV launches online TV channel sponsored by Domino's


AmericaFree.TV, an Internet Television broadcaster, announced the launch of a variety Internet broadcast channel sponsored by Domino’s Pizza. 

The AmericaFree.TV variety channel offers a mix of content, including Comedy, Cartoons, Mystery and Drama genres together with weekly Mojo Working rock concert videos. AmericaFree.TV has attracted over 6 million unique visitors to the site; these viewers are also predominantly young, male, and regular pizza consumers.

The Internet Broadcaster recently teamed-up with Crispin, Porter + Bogusky to create a more user-friendly movie experience and bring TV-like navigation to the site. "I think when you look at America Free TV you’re looking at the future" said Chuck Porter, Chairman of Crispin, Porter +Bogusky. "Young men already spend more time online than they do watching TV. An idea like the Domino’s Channel is one of the ways advertisers are going to have to keep their brands fresh and relevant in this new environment. Turn on The Three Stooges or a classic rock concert video and order a pizza. You got 30 minutes."