American Biker Minute celebrates 20 Years of Biketoberfest


Envision Radio NetworksEnvision Radio Networks’ American Biker Minute is tuning up the bike and heading back to Florida to soak up the Daytona Beach sun at the 20th Annual Biketoberfest. Celebrate 20 years of biker bliss as American Biker Minute’s Jeff Ryan brings you all the action from America’s last motorcycle-only party of the season.

Starting 10/15, American Biker Minute will be on the scene early as bikers from all over the world will make the trek to Daytona’s white sand beaches for a weekend bender complete with motorcycle eye candy, more bling than Bahrain, wet t-shirt contests and cold brews!

Interested stations can broadcast this free week of content from October 15th through October 21st.

American Biker Minute is a 60-second infotainment segment for motorcycle enthusiasts and the casual biker lifestyle that can be used as a benchmark feature in mornings or throughout the day.  The program blends timely pop-culture content with unique sponsorship opportunities for clients looking to reach listeners fascinated by the motorcycle culture.