American Crossroads, Emily


Conservative political group American Crossroads has begun spending on Senate races in two states. Meanwhile, former Alaska Gov. and VP candidate Sarah Palin has been touting conservative candidates in selected races. But it turns out Palin’s aid comes with a price – it’s attracting opposition attention from progressive political group Emily’s List.

According to Washington Post’s Morning Fix, American Crossroads is trying to put together $60M to spend on ads this year. Whether it gets to that total or not is unknown, but it did pull in over $3M just during the month of June. It’s spending $500K on the race for US Senate in Ohio and another $425K in the US Senate race in Colorado.

Meanwhile, Huffington Post noted the Emily’s List plan to track Palin and try to counter her influence. The organization is particularly interested in women’s issues. The female portion of Palin’s endorsement projects, commonly known as “mama grizzlies,” make up a significant percentage of her total endorsement list, accounting for 14 of Palin’s 34 endorsements to date according to a WaPo tally, and may get special attention from EL.