American Media Investments expands


The 11 station/$5M+ deal fashioned by O. Gene Bicknell practically qualifies as a blockbuster in today’s trading environment. His American Media Investments Inc. radio group will be getting stations in Texarkana, Joplin MO/Pittsburg KS and unrated Clarksville TX in a cash deal with FFD Holdings. The actual price will be $5.249M cash.

* In Texarkana TX-AR, AMI will be getting KKTK-AM Texarkana TX, KEWL-FM Anew Boston TX and KPGG-FM Ashdown AR.

* In Joplin MO, AMI will be getting KQYX-AM Joplin MO – but only for awhile. It’s moving to the Pittsburg KS market via a change of city of license to Galena KS. Other Joplin stations in the deal include KBTN AM-FM Neosho MO, KMOQ-FM Columbus KS, KCAR-FM Galena KS and KJML-FM Baxter Springs KS.

* Pittsburg KS: This market has a great deal of overlap with Joplin, and KMOQ-FM, KJML-FM & KCAR-FM are listed as home to both. As mentioned, KQYX-AM is moving in, and AMI already owns KKOW AM-FM Pittsburg, which it is keeping, and KBZI-FM Deerfield KS, which it plans to spin off.

* Clarksville TX: AMI will get KCAR-AM & KGAP-FM in this unrated town.