American moms send message to Super Bowl advertisers


She buys the beer, sets out the chips and plans the party, but a new survey shows that most moms feel uninvited to the Super Bowl. However, most moms in America say they too are planning to watch the big game (80%), according to a new survey of moms by the Marketing to Moms Coalition. In fact, more than half of moms surveyed say they are watching just to catch the ads (60%), yet more than three out of four (76%) say they don’t think the ads are targeting them. Since moms are responsible for the majority of purchases in this country — to the tune of 2.1 trillion — it’s no surprise that most moms (77%) think Super Bowl ads should be talking to them.
When asked what they wished to see in an ad, more than three out of four moms (76%) answered humor that they can relate to, while 67% want to see ads that acknowledge their feats in multitasking every day. Two out of three (62%) want to see families interacting together as part of commercials.