American Public Media adds Marketplace Index


American Public Media’s (APM) Marketplace has launched “Marketplace Index,” a weekday report hosted by David Brancaccio (pictured) that will “psychoanalyze” the economy each day as reflected in the markets. The new show is being offered to stations after the stock market closes each day.

“No one is in a better position than Marketplace to address rising anxiety about the economy,  said JJ Yore, Marketplace’s VP and general manager. “Timely economic news during these turbulent times is essential. Marketplace Index is another way we are delivering what people want – news that explains what’s happening on Wall Street in ways that Americans on Main Street can understand.”

Available moments after the markets close, Marketplace Index will recap the day’s closing numbers, and then go deeper by using storytelling and critical analysis to explore the dominant themes guiding the market. Brancaccio also will discuss with industry experts how the markets affected their own actions throughout the day. 

“Getting into the heads of the people making wide-ranging decisions that affect our wealth and well-being will be a fascinating journey. A bit of ‘psychoanalysis’ of market psychology can go a long way toward explaining the direction of the economy,” said Brancaccio.

In addition to launching Marketplace Index and producing special coverage such as last week’s The Breakdown, Marketplace is expanding its online content. Senior editor Paddy Hirsch is producing, “our index.” This interactive, graphic representation of daily alternative indicators provides a counterintuitive, tongue-in-cheek view of the state of the US economy. Brancaccio will profile “our index” at the close of each day’s Marketplace Index broadcast.

Beginning August 29th, Marketplace Index can be heard on the Minnesota Public Radio network and on KPCC-FM Los Angeles. Additional public radio stations will be adding the program to their own lineups over the next few weeks.