American Public Media launches channels on Slacker


Slacker RadioAmerican Public Media and Slacker Radio launched “APM public radio programming,” including new interactive stations featuring content from Marketplace and The Current, to the Slacker lineup. Listeners can get  customizable APM programming for free anywhere that Slacker Radio is available including on all major smartphones, the iPad, on the web. The inclusion of APM programming reinforces Slacker Radio’s dedication to being the premiere interactive radio service.

“American Public Media is committed to making its indispensible content as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible,” said David Kansas, senior vice president and chief operating officer at APM. “Internet radio is a rapidly growing platform for accessing audio content, and our partnership with Slacker Radio represents an important opportunity for exposing our content to new audiences and expanding access to our content via new platforms.”

Marketplace on Slacker Radio features its popular and unique take on business news developments via the Marketplace flagship programs, Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal, Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace Tech Report and Marketplace Money. Listeners can interact with the station to create a personalized Marketplace program tailored to their interests, a first for Marketplace.

To listen to Marketplace on Slacker Radio, visit:

The Current is one of America’s top non-commercial Triple A music stations. An interactive version of the station will now be curated, hosted and provided only on Slacker Radio. Because of the depth of The Current hosts’ music knowledge, The Current station on Slacker Radio will be able to highlight great emerging artists from around the country, as well as feature the best music out of Minnesota, past and present. To listen to The Current on Slacker Radio, visit:

American Public Media joins a growing list of interactive talk stations on Slacker Radio which already includes unique programming from ESPN Radio, ABC News and more.

American Public Media is the parent organization for Minnesota Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio and Classical South Florida.