American Voters are paying close attention to Washington


The Iowa debate has concluded which to many marks the starting gate to the political season for the race to the White House.

Republican’s debated and the President vacationed but American voters are living with the daily concerns to their retirement funds, the young are concerned about building a career.

One fact that is on target: Confidence in the government’s economic policy to get the economy back on track dropped 29% from July.

American Voters are engaged in the current debt issue plaguing the United States, according to the latest American Pulse(tm) Survey of 5,302 respondents.
This could be good news-Americans are paying close attention to what is going on in Washington.

Most Voters would be able to tell you how much debt the U.S. currently has, how much that amount increases each day and how much debt has been added since President Obama took office in January 2009:

Current National Debt Total
$14.3 million: 1.2%
$14.3 billion: 8.7%
$14.3 trillion: 83.8% (correct answer*)
$14.3 quadrillion: 6.3%

National Debt Increase Per Day
$3.8 thousand: 8.7%
$3.8 million: 39.5%
$3.8 billion: 44.7% (correct answer)
$3.8 trillion: 7.1%

Added Debt Since President Obama Took Office
$3.7 thousand: 3.4%
$3.7 million: 12.3%
$3.7 billion: 27.6%
$3.7 trillion: 56.7% (correct answer)

Source: American Pulse(tm) Survey, August-2011 –

Most correct answer at time of survey:
Nearly half of Voters (47.4%) don’t think the latest debt ceiling bill will make things better for the U.S. economy. 2 in 3 (66.9%) say cutting $2.4 trillion in spending over 10 years is not enough. 20.1% think this amount is just right while 13.1% say it’s too much. 48.7% also feel raising the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion is too much. 29.8% feel this is not enough of an increase while 21.5% say it’s just right.

Voters’ knowledge of national debt can also be bad news-they know how serious the issue is, resulting in a drop in confidence in elected officials.

In August, 18.3% say they are confident or very confident that the government’s economic policies can get the economy back on track, a 29% decrease from July and the lowest reading to date.

Although dropping among all ages, members of Gen Y are still the most confident in the government (26.3%). Only 20.1% of Gen X, 15.1% of Boomers and 12.4% of the Greatest and Silent Generations share this confidence.

It should come as no surprise that more than 8 in 10 Voters (83.5%) are somewhat/very worried about the economic security of the country.

A majority (74.7%) are also worried about their personal financial security, especially the Boomers (79.1%).

Younger Voters from Gen Y (51.6%) and Gen X (53.3%) are more likely to be concerned about job security while the Boomers (71.4%) and members of the Greatest/Silent Generations (74.4%) are worrying about their children’s futures.

For most, the current economy is affecting plans for the future, such as retirement. 58.5% of Registered Voters believe the economy threatens their retirement plans. 70.4% of Gen X, 63.9% of Boomers and 61.7% of Gen Y agree.

Top impacts on retirement plans include not being able to save as much as desired (48.5%) and decreasing current spending overall (37.3%). Members of Gen Y (30.7%) are also budgeting better to prepare for retirement.

RBR-TVBR observation: July 23, 2011 RBR-TVBR reported the latest research on how American’s see the real issue which President Obama and Congress not confronting the real issues facing the U.S. and all American’s and it holds true with the downgrade.

Way to go to all the politicians starting at the top down – you have now put additional stress on all American’s. RBR-TVBR stands by our July 23rd observation: “Let’s face it – every American has been suffering since Obama has taken office – any person with common sense knows it – sees it – and feels it” See the research:
5,000+ Voters speak on debt crisis: Obama doesn’t get it (July 23rd report)

Politicians bashing but 71% of Americans want spending cuts
The White House can not blame anyone but themselves – the downgrade happened on Obama’s watch.

(source: American Pulse(tm) – The American Pulse(tm) Survey is collected online by BIGresearch(r) twice a month exclusively utilizing SSI’s U.S. panel covering topics such as politics, pop culture and the economy. 5,302 respondents participated in the 1st August American Pulse conducted 8/2-8/3/2011. Margin of error is +/- 1.4%.)  

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