Americans lambaste Lambert performance


A new survey from HCD Research shows that 80% of Americans believe that the performance turned in by Adam Lambert on ABC’s “American Music Awards” was inappropriate. However, it also found evidence that there was some truth to Lambert’s citation of a double standard.

In fact, 50% told HCD that public reaction likely would have been different had the exact same performance been turned in by a female singer.

That is not to say that 50% would have approved of such a performance from a female performer. Still, 39% said “it is more socially acceptable for women to display sexually provocative acts in public than for men…”

You could therefore say that there is an actual double standard of 19%, and a perceived double standard of 30%.

HCD’s survey was based on 307 participants who answered questions immediately after seeing a clip of Lambert’s performance. It did not ask respondents to offer an opinion as to whether the performance was indecent or not.