Americans tell pollsters that TV commercials are too loud


A new poll conducted by Adweek Media and Harris Poll finds that a significant number of US citizens notice the volume ramping up on their television set when the regularly scheduled programming goes to commercial, and they confirm that they don’t much care for it.

The poll found that 86% notice the increase in volume when the commercials come on, with 57% saying they are “much louder” and 29% saying they are “somewhat louder.” On the flip side, only 1% believe commercials are softer than regular programming. 12% detect no change.

The older demos are most sensitive to this change. 92% of both the 45-54 cell and the 55+ cell found commercials to be louder. The departure is that only 60% of the 45-54s said much louder, compared to 70% of the 55+ group.

In one of those amazing poll results that calls into question the perceptions of at least 7% of the sample, 93% say that the louder commercials bother them (we guess that has to include some of the 12% that detect no change in volume levels). 62% say it bothers them a lot, and 31% said a little. Only 7% say that are not bothered at all.

Again, the older the respondent, the higher the degree if irritation. 94% of 45-54s and 95% of 55+s are among the bothered, and those bothered a lot are 66% and 71% respectively. But in case you’re wondering, even the kids are annoyed: that’s the response from 88% of 18-34 respondents.

Although pretty much everybody falls somewhere in the bothered category, women are slightly more bothered than men, 95% to 92%.

RBR-TVBR observation: This matter may be headed for a mandated resolution. Legislation is pending, and there are techno wizards out there working to address some of the details that need addressing to make legislation feasible. Don’t touch that dial!