AMPTP wont accept pay hikes suggested by SAG


Here we go again:  major Hollywood studios said they won’t accept pay hikes sought by the Screen Actors Guild in their new contract negotiations. A deal is now considered unlikely before the talks temporarily end later this week.  In a statement posted on its website, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) said significant gaps remain between the two sides after 13 days of talks. The current contract covering theatrical movies and primetime TV shows expires 6/30.

The alliance blamed the problems on the guild’s insistence on doubling payments that actors receive from DVD sales and demands for what it called "huge increases in compensation and benefits."

SAG responded with a message to its members saying a deal did not depend entirely on acceptance of those demands. SAG also stood by its earlier claims that actors were suffering. "We are not surprised that the employers dispute the economic hardships actors are facing. You know better."

The negotiations "are going nowhere," Norman Samnick, an entertainment lawyer who has represented Warner Bros. in previous contract talks with actors, told The AP. "This thing’s not going to be settled until the end of June."