An Advertiser Attribution Product Introduced By iHeart


iHeartMedia, Jelli and Foursquare have teamed for a new attribution product expressly designed for broadcast radio. For iHeart, the hope is that it will offer marketers a unique combination of iHeartMedia’s reach and Jelli’s programmatic buying capabilities, with attribution and insights tools from location technology company Foursquare.

While radio has the highest consumer engagement of any major medium, iHeart claims, broadcast radio had been perceived as being more difficult to buy and measure prior to the 2015 launch of the company’s programmatic and automated ad buying tool.

This saw iHeartMedia invest in Jelli’s programmatic platform, an effort that saw the company attempt to make the purchase of data driven radio campaigns as easy as digital.

Now, with the addition of Foursquare, more in-depth campaign measurement and real world attribution data is now available to advertisers who buy via Jelli’s demand side platform SpotPlan.

“This new attribution capability will leverage Foursquare’s location platform to measure the impact of a broadcast radio campaign purchased through the Jelli platform, SpotPlan, and its effectiveness in driving consumers to actual brick and mortar destinations,” iHeartMedia says.

The Foursquare Attribution product, currently used by more than 250 industry-leading advertisers, publishers and platforms, uses machine learning techniques to measure the impact of an ad on real-world visits.

“iHeartMedia continues to reach more Americans than Google, Facebook and TV and the advertising community can now be taking further advantage of the scale and effectiveness of broadcast radio to build a brand, and drive awareness, engagement and sales,” said Brian Kaminsky, iHeartMedia’s President of Revenue and Data Operations.” This initiative with Foursquare and Jelli is the next evolution in the development of our platform, providing retailers and QSR’s the same measurement and accountability for broadcast radio, as Google is in search and Facebook is in social.”

Michael Dougherty, co-founder and CEO of Jelli, added, “We are excited that Jelli’s platform is powering iHeartMedia and Foursquare’s partnership, delivering advertisers enhanced campaign and audience analytics and demonstrating the power of radio. By leveraging Jelli’s API and pairing the real-time data provided by our supply-side platform, RadioSpot, with Foursquare’s location platform, iHeartMedia can provide advertisers with a new level of campaign intelligence and attribution.

The partnership is part of iHeartMedia’s ongoing focus to assist brands with digital-like targeting and attribution data and tools, to help them leverage their consumers across iHeartMedia’s quarter of a billion monthly broadcast listeners.

In May, the company announced iHeartMedia Analytics, a fully-digital attribution service which allow advertisers to track audience reach, branding metrics and even sales outcomes for iHeartMedia radio ad campaigns in real-time by using data science to fuse information about its digital audience, with broadcast ad logs, on-air programming and commercial content.