An Amobee Integration For Triton Digital


The E.W. Scripps Co.’s digital audio and podcast brand is now integrated with global advertising demand-side tech platform Amobee.

The programmatic play meshes Amobee’s capabilities with Triton Digital’s programmatic audio marketplace.

The integration gives Amobee clients the ability to execute global, targeted, “brand-safe” audio ad buys through both open marketplace and private marketplace deals alongside all digital programmatic planning.

“Amobee’s partnership with Triton gives our clients access to unparalleled audio expertise, sophisticated technology and a very knowledgeable team,” said Bryan Everett, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Amobee. “Triton shares our passion for innovation and dedication to helping clients achieve success through a wide array of high-quality digital audio and podcast inventory within their marketplace, which have become critically important vehicles for reaching target audiences in a relevant, engaging and meaningful manner during this time of unprecedented disruption of our daily lives.”

 Triton Digital President of Market John Rosso added, “The inclusion of this powerful, efficient, and highly targetable inventory in their buys will undoubtedly enable them to increase their scale, reach their target audiences with relevant, meaningful messaging, and increase their revenue.”

Amobee is known for products and services designed to bridge TV and digital to provide agencies and CMOs with advanced data management and media planning capabilities, as well as market research and proprietary audience data.