An Automated Way For TV To Capture Digital Dollars


NEW YORK — As premium content continues to differentiate its value to advertisers relative to other media options, buyers are increasingly wanting to simplify how they execute media campaigns across platforms with simplicity at scale. This means one buy, targeting any audience, executed across digital and linear, with one performance report.

Through a technology initiative called Premium At Scale, Operative is focused on working with industry partners through an open, interoperable framework, to enable an accelerated path for media companies to simplify their ability to execute advanced advertising strategies against linear and digital content and audiences.

Premium at Scale is an industry initiative intended to deliver an answer to advertiser demand for audience-based advertising across channels and empower media companies to create massive multichannel marketplaces that delivers a premium product Facebook and Google simply can’t match,” said Operative CEO Lorne Brown.

To kick start this initiative, Operative is partnering with FreeWheel and NBCUniversal to accelerate a path to solving for “one sales system, one ad decisioning system” that executes seamlessly across digital and linear advertising campaigns.

Concurrently, Operative is launching a “User Council” for media companies including NBCUniversal in order to advance the Premium at Scale initiative.

Premium At Scale marks the next phase in an ongoing relationship between the three companies. Operative’s order management and universal product catalog, FreeWheel’s unified ad decisioning capabilities, and NBCUniversal’s suite of advanced advertising products provide the beginning ingredients “to enable more effective execution of converged media campaigns,” Operative notes.

“This partnership will close the gap between linear and digital, enabling FreeWheel and Operative to better support joint clients through improved system interoperability,” said James Rooke, General Manager of FreeWheel Publishers. “FreeWheel’s ability to extend its decisioning capabilities into linear television is an important step in enabling true unified management of advertising. We’re excited to partner with Operative to make this a reality with our joint industry clients.”

Operative seeks other programmers and distributors; a list of other participating media companies will be announced in the coming weeks.