An Expanded Affiliate Partnership with FOX News Audio for Audacy


FOX News Audio is expanding its affiliate partnership with Audacy Corp. and will migrate the network’s linear talk radio streaming content to AmperWave, Audacy’s cloud-based distribution and monetization platform for live and on-demand audio streams.

The expanded agreement will also make Audacy the exclusive third-party ad sales representation of FOX News Audio’s streaming inventory on the audio network’s digital properties.

The expanded affiliate partnership provides FOX News Audio such services as streaming capabilities, sales representation and new capabilities for live broadcasts on its streaming services.

Additionally, FOX News Audio will be the first of Audacy’s affiliate partners to enable “Rewind” capabilities.

“Audacy knows that our industry is changing with listeners consuming more audio on streams than ever before,” said Corey Podolsky, the audio content creation and distribution company’s Vice President of Business Development. “As a strategic partner, we are excited to lean into that industry shift with FOX News Audio to deliver new capabilities via our AmperWave streaming platform. Coupled with our ability to now offer world-class hosting and ad serving capabilities, this will take our relationship to a whole new level.”

FOX News’ William Sanchez, who serves as Audio Executive Director of Business Development and Digital Audio Operations, looks forward to improving his audience’s experience with AmperWave’s hosting technology on FIX platforms.

Audacy has been delivering FOX News Audio content to its digital platform consumers since 2019.