An Intelligent Rebrand For Nielsen’s Global Consumer Business


Nielsen’s Global Consumer Business has a new identity and a new logo.

The company thinks it made a particularly smart move.

Introducing Nielsen IQ, which will become the new name for the unit that is poised to split off and become its own company.

A new brand logo was revealed with the name on Tuesday. And, it described the visual identity of Nielsen IQ as having “a vibrant Flash Green color that reflects the company’s dynamic and optimistic spirit, as well as a bold, one-of-a-kind typeface that represents our strength and creativity.”

David Rawlinson, CEO of Nielsen’s Global Consumer Business, commented, “We are creating a bolder, more forward-thinking company that will allow us to share our unparalleled expertise, which is rooted in our pursuit of the most comprehensive data sets and commitment to measuring every transaction equally. Our new name and brand represents our continued dedication to these ideals, while bringing to light the intelligence behind our technology, platforms, and predictive capabilities.”

Jacqueline Woods, Chief Marketing Officer of Nielsen’s Global Consumer Business, added, “We are excited to launch a complete brand experience that will accelerate our company’s growth by expanding our footprint across the entire digital landscape, including our products, solutions, and platform. Our brand represents transformative thinking — inspired by our data and technology — that allows our clients to make faster and more confident decisions leading to successful outcomes.”