An interesting review of News Corporation's The Daily (video)


Following the Wednesday launch of “The Daily” by News Corporation, techie-types have been checking it out – as have journalists. Technology correspondent Jemima Kiss of the UK’s Guardian newspaper is both and posted an interesting review of the new product.

The Guardian, we would note, has had an ongoing war of words with News Corporation over the latter’s decision to put its major UK newspapers behind a pay wall. The Guardian has reported that web users and advertisers alike fled The Times and Sunday Times online sites, but Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger welcomed the refugees with open arms.

So, be aware that this review comes from a media rival. Nonetheless, Kiss raises good points.

RBR-TVBR observation: Nearly 15 million iPads have been sold thus far, so Rupert Murdoch’s goal of getting a million subscribers to The Daily isn’t far-fetched. Holding them and building a profitable operation will require content that makes the free stuff on the Internet look cheap and out-of-date. We wait to see if News Corporation can pull that off.