An Online Tool To Evaluate Video Creative, From Ipsos


A new online product designed to evaluate video creative in both the U.S. and the United Kingdom has been launched by Ipsos.

It’s branded “Creative|Spark,” and was created for advertisers to quickly evaluate and optimise video creative in as little as 24 hours.

Creative|Spark is available on the Ipsos.Digital Platform with a range of flexible service options, to fit advertisers timing, budget and business requirements. Creative Excellence experts assist marketers and communication agencies to rapidly learn on what to optimize to ensure they achieve their objectives for the media investment being made.

“Building on Ipsos’ decades of expertise and experience, Creative|Spark captures realistic attention metrics in a distracted environment and observes the reality of how people make choices,” the company says. “Drawing from multiple science disciplines to measure a unique range of thoughts, feelings and immediate emotions, Creative|Spark provides holistic diagnostics, including sales predictive performance indicators for fast optimisation with key signals of creative potential.”

With the design and metrics grounded on Behavioral Science, Data Science and Neurosciences, combined with Text Analytics and Artificial Intelligence supervised Machine Learning algorithms, Creative|Spark “provides instant access to learnings embedded in the latest scientific thinking,” the company adds.

“Available as both self-serve on Ipsos.Digital to full service with our global teams of creative experts, Creative|Spark offers clients a quick, agile and flexible way to measure the power of their creative. Suitably adapted to today’s exceptional times, Creative|Spark will be instrumental in sparking clients’ short and long-term brand effects,” said Shaun Dix, Ipsos’ Global Leader of Creative Excellence.