An up month for NYT Co.


Just barely, though. The New York Times Company reports that August revenues from continuing operations rose 0.6% to 218.5 million. Double digit gains in Internet revenues saved the month, with ad revenues for the New York Times Media Group (New York Times, WQXR-FM NYC and related websites) up only 0.2%. Ad revenues were down 9% for the New England Media Group (anchored by the Boston Globe) and 11.9% for the Regional Media Group (16 regional newspapers).

Internet ad revenues for the entire News Media Group gained 28.2%, while the About Group (led by, which is all web-based, saw growth of 27.4% to 7.2 million.

For the News Media Group, national advertising was the bright spot, up 8.8% to 55.1 million. Retail declined 5.5% to 29.5 million and classified plunged 20% to 32.9 million.