Analysts sees lots of media winners during election season


Political AdvertisingThere is going to be a ton of money flowing into the media from politicians and, more to the point, all of the political action committees that were unleashed by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. An analyst predicts where the money is going to go.

The predictions come from MediaTech Capital Partners Managing Partner Porter Bibb, as reported by Yahoo Finance.

Bibb’s first point is that TV will win big, but it will be local TV doing the winning more than the networks. Network availabilities are more limited. Bibb said that the stations themselves “…are more than happy to build out advertising blocks to meet the demand for ad space.”

The national organizations will not be hurting however. Bibb specifically cited the enormous amount of time the Obama campaign bought during professional golf’s British Open.

Radio offers a captive audience to politicians that they will be happy to capitalize on – yes, we’re talking drive time. Bibb said the big advantage offered by radio is that listeners are more loyal to the channel they regularly listen to and are not prone to take the kinds of evasive action to miss commercials that are readily available to a television viewer on a couch with a remote.

Newspapers, however, are once again out of luck, in Bibb’s estimation. There are limited useful spaces available, and of course, dwindling readership.

In the end, Bibb thinks all cable and broadcast stocks will have a glorious third quarter, and he particularly likes Disney, Comcast, News Corp. and CBS.