Anatomy of a Wyoming FM swap


DealA pair of radio companies operating in the Cheyenne WY area have filed for a straight swap of FM stations. Here’s how it will shake down.

The deal is a clean like-kind exchange, with no additional consideration tossed in, between Chisholm Trail Broadcasting, headed by Karl Lieber, and Brahmin Broadcasting Corporation, headed by Steven A. Silberberg.

CTB is sending KKAW-FM Albin WY to BBC in exchange for KANT-FM Guensey WY. Each is valued at $250K.

KKAW-FM will become part of a four-station FM superduopoly in Cheyenne. It will, however, be the weakest part of that station group. It’s a Class C3 that plays Country on 107.3 MHz with 9.3 kW @ 531’ – oriented far enough to the northeast of Cheyenne that its primary contour fails to make it all the way to the market center.

It’ll team up with three FMs that do serve the center of the market: Oldies 104.9 KRRR-FM, Rock 93.7 KAZY-FM, and Country 103.3 KRAN-FM. The first two stations are actually licensed to Cheyenne, while KRAN is licensed to Warren AFB.

KANT-FM is a Class C2 on 104.1 MHz with 36 kW @ 564’. It serves an unrated area to the west of Cheyenne and to the east of Casper WY. CTB also owns KREO-FM Pine Bluff, considered part of Cheyenne but located well to the east, and KNDH-FM Hettinger ND, a standalone with no contour overlap with either of the Wyoming FMs that CTB will wind up owning.