And It’s Television over Radio by a Nose


RBR+TVBR follows select television and radio stock performances, and in yesterday’s very positive trading environment, both enjoyed gains. In fact, they enjoyed almost the exact same gain – but bragging rights go to TV by 0.02% — that 0.1% difference you see on the chart is the product of rounding. The real score: TV 1.35%, radio 1.33%.

The RBR Radio Index rose 10.206, or 1.3%, to 779.903.

The TVBR Television Index fell 3154, or 1.4%, to 961.754.

Beasley, up 5.1%
Radio One, up 4.5%
Emmis, up 3.3%

Salem, down 2.2%
SBS, down 1.5%
Entercom, down 0.2%