And now for something completely different, a comment on Sharpton v. Imus


Good Lord, have we really reached a point where Al Sharpton will be the clearing house for who goes back to work and who languishes around the house? Sharpton’s self inflated ego allows him to believe that he can issue hurtles for Don Imus to clear before Imus is allowed to earn a living and support his family, one of those hurdles being a subject the Reverend knows only too well…payoffs. Sharpton decries that Imus must forget about defending himself in court and payoff the Rutgers player who filed suit against him as well as any other player who might want to jump on the band wagon before Imus is allowed to work again. What a pompous ass.

Imus made a mistake, apologized for it and remained quite while Sharpton and other opportunists took full advantage of the situation to gain TV face time. The player filing suit was not mentioned individually and the only person that I can see who suffered embarassment was Imus. The Rutgers women’s team received support from all segments of society and Imus personally went to them with his apology. I predict that this suit will go south faster than a Bluebird in winter but Sharpton smells money in the air and a chance to revise his self imposed role in the proceedings. Imus would do well to ignore Sharpton this time around and get on with his life. Does it strike anyone else as odd that Sharpton, a man who has a documented record of issuing insensitive remarks, incorrect facts, and premature judgments should be taken seriously by a gullible media? Tawana Brawley must be giggling in her sleep. To the rest of us Sharpton’s act just isn’t funny.

Tom Joyner, President
Joyner Management Services, Inc.