And The Winner in N.H. So Far Is…


Democrat and RepublicanHillary Clinton’s campaign has purchased the most ads in Portsmouth-Dover, with 2,710 total. The majority, 1,952 aired in New Hampshire with the 758 balance in Boston, according to Media Monitors which has been tracking political radio ad buys.

Bernie Sanders came in second at 2,362 ads — 1,571 in New Hampshire and 791 in Boston.

The next-biggest political ad purchaser was Carly Fiorina’s super PAC Carly for America with 686 ads — 583 in Portsmouth-Dover and 103 in Boston. Carly Fiorina for President also cleared 135 spots — 82 in N.H. and 53 in Boston. That would bring her effective spot count to 821 spots.

Marco Rubio’s PAC Conservative Solutions ran 467 spots — 353 in Portsmouth-Dover and 114 in Boston.

Donald Trump, the frontrunner in New Hampshire according to most polls, ran 360 spots; Unlike the other candidates, he focused the bulk of his ad buy in Boston with 186 spots aired there and 174 in New Hampshire, according to Media Monitors.

Ted Cruz has several PACs purchasing airtime on his behalf. His effective total spot count is 667. His own campaign aired 308 — 164 in Boston and 144 in New Hampshire. One of his Super PACs, Keep The Promise I ran 139 spots in Portsmouth-Dover and Courageous Conservatives cleared 120 spots in Portsmouth-Dover. And finally, the Lone Star Committee bought 100 spots for Cruz — 18 in Boston and 82 in Portsmouth-Dover.

Chris Christie’s effective spots count was 257 in the highlighted markets. His Super PAC America Leads ran 233 spots — 134 in Boston and 99 in Portsmouth-Dover while Chris Christie For President aired only 24 spots in that market.

The Super PAC supporting Jeb Bush, Right to Rise USA, ran 94 spots — 37 in Boston and 57 in Portsmouth-Dover. Jeb Bush ran no ads from his campaign.

And finally, hometown “favorite” Andy Martin ran 3 spots in Portsmouth-Dover.