And the winners are:


WinnerHarris Poll has announced its Brands of the Year. It’s all part of the 2015 Harris Poll EquiTrend study. There was a special category for media, and we have the top picks.

Familiarity, Quality and Consideration are the components of the index. They add up to what Harris calls Brand Equity.

38,000 participants took the survey, which examined 1,400 different brands across 148 different categories.

“Brands that build and keep their promise over time—and develop strong differentiation—stay relevant for the long term,” noted Joan Sinopoli, Vice President of Brand Solutions at Harris Poll. “Strong equity has value and can sustain companies through hard times. Target remains one of America’s most esteemed brands despite the data breach in 2014, and consumers are willing to give it a chance to rebound.”

There are eleven categories under the Media heading Here are the winners.
TV service provider: Verizon FiOS
Video streaming subscription: Netflix
News service: Google News
Music TV: CMT Network
Pay cable TV network: HBO
Factual entertainment TV: History Channel
General entertainment TV: AMC
Kids’ TV: Sprout Network
Sports TV: ESPN
TV network: CBS
TV news: The Weather Channel
Source: Harris Poll