And they’re off! June PPM Day 1


Clark-SmidtWe’re coming up to the All Star break. “ChachachaChanges” – David Bowie, for owners, managers, personnel, formats, services and more.  Welcome to the Great Summer Shuffle. From the Nielsen subscriber list:  

1. New York.  CCU A/C WLTW #1 share 6.8-7.1 and a #1 5.17 million cume.  CBS Classic Hits WCBS/FM 2nd share 6.6-6.3, 3rd cume.  Rounding out the Top 5, EMMS WBLS steady at 5.6, SBS Tropical WSKQ rising 5.1-5.5 and CCU CHR WHTZ off 5.6-5.2.  Observations:  News pair WCBS up 3.7-3.9-4.0, WINS off slightly 3.5-3.4-3.3.  CMLS Hot A/C WPLJ and Nash Country steady at 2.1 and 2.0.  Former Apple CHR King now Talk WABC is at a1.3.

2.  Los Angles.  CBS Classic Hits KRTH is the new leader at 5.5 with #6 cume.  LA Top 5 is fairly steady:  CCU CHR KIIS 5.3-5.2, CCU Hot A/C KBIG 4.8-4.9 with a 3.61 million top cume, EMMS RymCHR KPWR 4.4-4.8, CCU A/C KOST 4.2-4.1.  Observations:  Univision’s Romantica KLVE back at April’s 3.6 and Reg.Mex. KSCA up .5 from April’s at 3.1. Bonneville’s Classic Rock KSWD up again 2.5-2.6-2.9, top news outlet KNX is off 3.0-2.4, Classic Rock KLOS steady at 2.1.

3. Chicago.  CCU UrbanA/C WVAZ holds the lead 5.9 with the #15 cume!  Top 5:  CBS News WBBM/WCFS tied at 5.0 with Hubbard’s Hot A/C inching up 4.7-4.9-5.0, CBS follows with RymCHR WBBM jumping 3.7-3.9-4.5 with #1 cume 2.37 million, and cluster mate Country WUSN holding at 4.4.  Observations:  CBS has 3 of the Chicago Top 5.  Tribune’s Talk WGN slipps 4.6-4.0.  CMLS Mod Rock WKQX 3.1-3.4-3.5, tied with Univision Mexican 3.0-3.5 and a close race with CMLS Classic Hits WLS/F and CBS AA WXRT both at 3.4.  CMLS Classic Rock WLUP 2.9-2.3-2.2.  Top sports station is CBS WSCR 2.4-2.0.

4. San Francisco.  CMLS Sports KNBR stay at the top of the batting order 5.8.  CBS News WCBS/KFRC 5.8-5.4, Public News KQED 4.8-5.0 (KQED is also #1 in San Jose), ETM A/C KOIT holds at 4.6 with Top cume 1.54 million, and CBS CHR KMVQ 4.1-4.6.  Observations: No music radio in the SF Top 3.  CCU RymCHR 3.7-3.9-4.3.  Topping the Classic Rock/Classic Hits category is CCU KOSE at 2.7-2.5.

5.  Dallas.  CCU CHR KHKS is #1 share 7.2-6.6-6.3 and #1 cume 1.85 million.  Top shares follow with #2 CMLS Country KPLX 6.6-6.1, CBS Classic Hits KLUV 4.4-4.1, Salem ContempChristian 4.6-4.2-4.1 4.1 and CCU Classic Rock KZPS 4.2-3.9.  Obersvations: Service Broadcasting’s pair UC KKDA Urban A/C KRNB are 7th & 8th moving 3.3-3.6 and 3.2-3.4, respectively.  Hot A/C is led by CCU KDMX holding at 3.3 and CBS KVIL 3.1-3.2.  CMLS cluster mates Sports KTCK, Sports KESN and lead News/Talk WBAP tied at 2.1 while CMLS CHR KLIF follows 1.9-1.7.

6.  Houston  Cox Country KKBQ leads with 8.4-7.3 and #2 cume.  CCU Soft A/C KODA is 2nd 6.5-7.0 and top cume 1.95 million.  Radio One’s pair of Urban A/C KMJQ and RymCHR KBXX 6.2-6.2 and 5.4-6.0.  5th share is Cox Classic Hits KGLK/KHPT holding 5.7.  Obersvations:  Educational ContempChristian KSBJ holds at 4.5 while news leading CCU KTRH registers 4.0-3.3-3.1.  CCU ModRock KTBZ has a 4.7-4.8 but no score by any other Rock or Classic Rocker in the market.

8.  Philadelphia.  Once again, stand-alone and standing above, Jerry Lee A/C WBEB #1 share 7.3 & #1 cume 1.63 million.   CBS Classic Hits WOGL 5.9-6.3-6.8 for 2nd share and runner up cume.  Beasley Country WXTU 5.9-6.4, Greater Media Classic Rock WMGK 5.1-5.9, CCU Urban A/C WDAS 5.7-5.3. Observations:  Gainers include CCU Mod.Rock WRFF 4.0-4.4, Radio One R &B Oldies 3.7-3.8-4.3 and Greater Media’s Adult Hits WBEN advancing 3.3-3.4-3.8.  Sports in Philly are off with CBS WIP/F 4.2-4.1-3.6 and Greater Media’s WPEN 2.4-1.9.  News leader is CBS KYW holding at 4.0.

9. Atlanta.  Cox News/Talk WSB/WSBB-FM leads with 7.4-7.0 with a #7 cume.  Top 5 shares round out with Cox Urban A/C 7.0-6.5, CBS UrbanContemp. 6.0-6.5, Cox A/C WBS/FM 6.0-6.2 with a 1.25 million #1 cume and CCU Country WUBL jumping 4.9-5.7. Observations:  Cox scores 3 of the top 5 and Cox Classic Hits WSRV moves into to 6th place 5.0-5.5.  Radio One UrbanA/C WAMJ/WUMJ off 6.0-5.2, CHRs gain with the lead CMLS Atlanta station WWWQ 4.5-5.0 and CCU WWPW 3.8-4.6.  First in the Rock field is CCU Mod.Rock WRDA/WRDG 3.0-2.6-2.5.  CMLS N/T WYAY 2.1-1.7 and Classic Rock WNNX 1.9-1.6.

19. Long Island.  In The Apple’s shadow but led by Cox local CHR WBLI 6.7-6.6 and #2 cume.  Local WALK, moving from CCU to Connoisseur with a 6.0-5.8, NYC CHR WHTZ has top cume 757,300 followed by 3 CBS NYC stations News WCBS 4.7-5.0, Sports WFAN 5.1-4.5 and Classic Hits WCBS/FM stady at 4.1.  Observations: Locally, Connoisseur’s A/C WKJY is 3.8-3.6 and Cox Classic Rock WBAB/WHFM holds at 3.6.  Connoisseur’s Classic Hits WBZO goes 3.4-3.2 with cluster mate Rock WWSK 2.4-2.2-2.0.

And, as they say, “To be Continued……”

–Clark Smidt, Media Connector.  Available for summer session for unduplicated Content and Business Development.  Contact:  [email protected], 978 470 2120. Andover, MA.  Established 1982.


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