Ando Media adds Cox Radio


Ando Media announced the addition of Cox Radio to their list of clients using their product suite of Webcast Metrics, Ad Injector, PodFuse, and Royalty Reporting. Through the use of Ando’s services, Cox Radio will have access to actual audience metrics for all of their Internet radio station streams, as well as the ability to insert and manage advertising campaigns across channels and report on impression delivery. The addition of Cox Radio strengthens Ando’s ability to continue to lead and innovate in the market, adding 86 stations to the more than 7000 Ando measures already.

“The addition of Cox Radio is exciting for Ando. Cox is a large and diverse company, with radio, TV and other assets.  Through this lens, they have been very innovative and have been one of the pioneers of Internet Audio.  We look forward to our collaboration and we hope to assist them in increasing their digital revenue and visibility,” stated Paul Krasinski, Chief Operating Officer of Ando Media.

“We are thrilled to be entering into this partnership with Ando Media. Ando’s innovative services will enable Cox to continue to build upon our interactive initiatives for our 86 stations, allowing us the opportunity to maximize and monetize even more on our digital revenue stream and provide our listeners with an enhanced listening experience,” stated Gregg Lindahl, Vice President, CMG Digital.