Andrea Tantaros is Fox’s new “It” Girl


Andrea TantarosThe New York Observer has trumpeted Angela Tantaros, star of Fox’s “The Five,” and recently added to TRN’s lineup in the 9A-Noon slot is Fox’s “It Girl” Why? “Although she’s solidly conservative, she represents a departure from the old Fox News mold of firebrand yellers and bubbly blondes.”

From the article: “Ms. Tantaros has been one of the hosts of The Five since it launched almost two years ago. The show is billed as a rotating panel of seven contributors (five of whom appear each day at 5, hence the name of the program) who discuss current political issues and pop culture. Each of the co-hosts introduces a segment, and they all weigh in on the other topics while bantering and joking around with each other. Ms. Tantaros, who recently turned 34, has been on the verge of stardom at Fox since she started full-time at the network in 2010. But since taking over Laura Ingraham’s morning spot on Talk Radio Network this past January, she is no longer waiting in the wings. Ms. Tantaros has become the right wing’s new “It” girl.”

It added, “Tantaros lives in Manhattan, talks with equal enthusiasm about reality shows and budget hearings, and is laughingly sarcastic rather than loudly belligerent when decrying a liberal viewpoint. And she will occasionally depart from the party line. She is, in short, the perfect standard-bearer for Fox’s recent subtle shift to a less-divisive model of conservative news”.

“This is why The Andrea Tantaros Show is the most successful nationally syndicated launch in our history,” says TRN CEO Mark Masters.