Andy Dean steps down as host of America Now


Andy DeanPremiere Networks announced Andy Dean has decided to step down as host of America Now on 8/8, to focus on some exciting projects in the works.  Details regarding a new host for the popular News/Talk program will be announced after the Labor Day holiday.  Joe Pags, host of the Premiere Networks-syndicated The Weekend, as well as The Joe Pags Show on WOAI-AM/San Antonio, KPRC-AM/Houston, KHOW-AM/Denver and KEX-AM/Portland, will serve as guest host of America Now beginning 8/11.

Said Dean: “Julie Talbott and Premiere Networks have been wonderful to me, and I am extremely grateful.  I have to step down to run my technology company full-time.  I started to help radio stations and hosts make more money, and the company has grown so fast, it is now expanding to all content creators.  The idea is simple – anyone can create a profile on ConnectPal, then you post any type of content (podcasts, video, etc.) on your profile – and then you set a monthly price for people to see your profile.  This allows any person or station to have a Glenn Beck-style subscription business in less than 60 seconds at no cost. The future of content creation will thrive with more paying subscribers, and there needs to be an open platform to connect providers with subscribers.  And yes, we have a referral program.  Please email [email protected] to collect a referral bonus.”

Added Premiere Networks President Julie Talbott: “Andy is a tremendous talent and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together over the past three years with America Now.  We wish him all the best as he starts this new chapter of his career.”

Dean joined Premiere Networks for the launch of America Now in August 2011.  Today, the program featuring discussion on the news and information that matters most to the daily lives of Americans reaches 130 affiliates nationwide.  Broadcasting live on weekdays from 3 – 6 p.m. PT/6 – 9 p.m. ET, America Now can also be heard on iHeartRadio and

Dean can be reached directly via his personal email at [email protected]  Fans can subscribe to his ConnectPal profile where he will continue to broadcast his program 2-3 times a week –



  1. I have a cleaning job every night and was delighted to find America Now with Andy Dean one night on my headphones. His wry and sometimes outlandish comments on today’s news was so refreshing to hear and made the hours fly. I didn’t always agree with him but I was always entertained and always learned something new. Thank you Andy for being part of my life. Good luck!

    • From the first time I heard Andy Dean..I was hooked!! Intelligent, snarky & unapologetic… Just like it should be. 8

  2. Andy, God bless you. I’m going to miss you so much on 6.20 AM in Jackson, Mississippi. You have been a ray of sunshine with your unique and entertaining presentation of current events. You and your co-host made learning fun. Good luck to both of you when you reinvent yourselves.

    If they escort you out of your building after your last performance, I’ll be glad to roll out a red carpet for you when you reach the sidewalk.

    Ed Katz, President

    International Office Moving Institute
    Madison, Mississippi

  3. Listening to the show, it sounds like Andy & Miranda were booted. What a mistake. They will be greatly missed up here in northern Idaho. What a delight they have been to listen to. Refreshing, witty, humorous, informative, young and downright brilliant. Hannity, O’Riley, Beck, Rush … so predictable. Not so with Andy & Miranda. Always something weird! What a shame!

    • Agreed, I listen to Andy and Miranda with my son as we drive to and from scouts on a Monday evening. 2 more disappointed North Idaho fans.

  4. I liked Andy and Miranda. Something tells me he was fired. I just looked at ConnectPal and honestly, I dont believe for a second that its doing well. Especially not well enough where one would give up a national radio show to run it. Doesn’t appear to have much content/channels. How is he making any money off that site?

    Good luck Andy and Miranda. Sorry you were fired.

  5. Andy, I liked your show. You’re a young dude, it takes some time to refine your craft, but life is about getting your ass kicked some time. Look forward to hearing more of you in the future

  6. Now we’ll be stuck with the bland, boring rush; will savage survive the cut. Every other word out of rush’s mouth is a distortion: he ought to be a democrat; political mumbo-jumbo. Miss you, ol’ chum.

  7. Andy, thanks for the informative and hilarious radio program. You have made my life as well as my wife’s truly fun late in the evening again. My eldery Mother lives by herself and HAS to be home at 6 to hear your show. . . Thank you for making her life happier and more fulfilling. . . And Miranda same to you. We are so sad up here. Like losing a good friend. Take good care and we really hope to hear you very very soon. America and Americans need you. Jason L.

  8. Don’t leave……But good luck in your endeavors. Your show was informative as well as chock full of laughs. Great guests and even better topics. Thanks for your SERVICE.

  9. I am so upset I really looked forward to listing to Andy Dean on my way
    home. I really will miss him and hope that he is picked up by another Radio Station.

    Narcissus Cosgrove

  10. I always listen to Andy & team when I can. Saw him on a panel in Jacksonville & he was great! I’ll miss the show and watch for the podcasts!

  11. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to your show here in El Paso. My 10-year-old grandson liked to listen to you whenever I picked him up from school. We’re gonna miss you.

  12. WTF!!!! I just heard Andy and Miranda are going off the air tomorrow…Who the heck is responsible for that brilliant move….. I actually looked forward to going to bed to listen to their show. Now I’ve got to sit in my living room and knit mittens or something. This is so typical. You get a couple of talents who are fresh, and super funny to brighten up a crap day, and some exec with his head up his/her butt decides to change the menu. As the old saying goes…If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

  13. Andy,
    I am one of the fans of your program…
    If your travel plans ever include Houston TX I would like to sit down and talk.
    The first Margarita will be on me ….naturally
    All the best to you !

  14. I can’t believe you are leaving Andy. I so enjoyed you and so did many family members. We all will miss you. Please come back –we lost our Quinn and Rose here in Pittsburgh PA and now you — sorry I think there is a conspiracy going on. Now our FM channel 104.7 has switched to country, the 3rd one here!, and put our talks shows on an AM station. Well, duh, how do you get clear reception, like when you are inside a building at work??? Andy please come back. Good luck with your next venture and God Bless you.

  15. I looked forward to Andy’s show every night. I enjoyed all of his quests….even the ones Andy disagreed with! It was great discussion and was thought provoking. Thank you, Andy. You will be missed and I hope to see you appear again soon. Happiness and success to you!

  16. Another vote for Andy & Miranda. They never let me get my beauty sleep. Big mistake letting them go. And for what? Brian Kilmeade? Oh, please! Would rather watch dust turn into cobwebs.

  17. Why the good things never last long. Any Dean had quickly became my favorite host. And i mean when categorizes with the Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Micheal Medved etc. It’s a real shame that this new well needed honestly radical welcomed voice had to be taken back from us that quickly.

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