Angus T. Jones bashes “Two and a Half Men” (video)


In a recently released video, Jones, who stars as Jon Cryer’s son Jake on the CBS sitcom, calls the show “filth” and urges fans to stop watching it. Apparently he’s serious about it, too.

Jones, who’s been attending the Voice of Prophecy Seventh-day Adventist church in Los Angeles in recent months, slammed the series during a videotaped testimonial for the religious organization Forerunner Chronicles, reports TV Guide.

“If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men,” Jones says earnestly in the clip. “I’m on Two and a Half Men and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth…People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make.”

Check out the video:

RBR-TVBR observation: Geez: can’t Chuck Lorre and this program catch a break??! The video was fairly awkward, yet honestly stated. Jones certainly has a right to express his views, religious and secular, but biting the hand that feeds him? We don’t see another Charlie Sheen thing here, but certainly some Saturday Night Live material.