Ann Curry staying at NBC News; Guthrie offered “Today” post


NBCAnn Curry is not leaving NBC News, sources told The Hollywood Reporter, contradicting reports that she’s negotiating an exit agreement. NBC execs are close to hammering out a “substantial” role for Curry at NBC News even as she is set to exit as co-host of Today, said the story.

Meanwhile Savannah Guthrie – who co-hosts the 9 a.m. hour of Today with Natalie Morales and Al Roker – has been formally offered a promotion to the main broadcast.

“This is a big organization with a lot of things going on,” NBC News president Steve Capus told THR on Friday. “As I’ve said a number of times, we are so much bigger than one person, one broadcast.”

See The Hollywood Reporter story here


  1. Taking Ann Curry from The Today show is one of the most ignorant decisions the “executives” at NBC has done. I faithfully watch the Today show every morning…Ann is one of the primary reasons as is Matt Lauer. These two team up to provide the best information of the morning. I find it very unfortunate that you will continue to lose viewers and ratings with this move. Do not misunderstand, I enjoy Savannah Guthrie but she does not “hold a candle” to Ann Curry in terms of her ability to report, interview and speak with compassion, energy and enthusiasm regarding whatever topic she is covering.

    • I agree with the statement made by Laura Kurzendoefer on June 27th. I was very glad when Ann Curry was made co anchor last year. I thought she should have been chosen after Katie Couric left. While Merideth Viera was light and funny she moved the show away from being a true news show. I never missed her. I will miss Ann Curry.I might just chnage the chanel.

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