Another artist taps radio for success


Radio helped Prince Malik put his first release on the map, and the Prince is using it prominently to kick-start sales on his second – he’s so serious about radio, there is a mix aimed at the medium, alongside a dance version. And Clear Channel will be on hand to help.

Here’s what Prince Malik has to say: “The new heart-pounding, dance club single ‘SO BAD,’ will be available on iTunes and Amazon. Executive produced by Tony Dofat, the GRAMMY award-winning producer who has created mega hits for artists including The Notorious B.I.G., Heavy D, Mary J. Blige, and Soul For Real – the single has already begun to be picked up by the top dance stations on the radio.”

There’s more: The song “…will be available to fans in both in radio and dance mix versions.”
Prince Malik refers to his earlier hit “Makusa” which he says “…charted #1 on radio…” and notes that a second, “Cara de Angel,” is still getting airplay in the United States.

And there’s still more. There will be a party to unveil the new single’s video, and Clear Channel will be there to broadcast live from the event to all of its Top 40 affiliates.

RBR-TVBR observation: The music industry can’t have it both ways. Either radio is a partner in helping musicians thrive or it’s a bloodsucking leech depriving musicians of a livelihood.

If the latter, musicians would not go out of their way to get their songs on the radio. They certainly would not do a studio mix specifically designed to play on the radio.

Here again, rather then attack radio, a musician glories in the prospect of radio airplay. Prince Malik must think there is some real value in giving his music to radio for free.