Another Atlantic Coast pirate rung up by the FCC


Broadcasting PirateFlorida has been one of the hotbeds of FM bandit activity, and the FCC has brought yet another one to justice, this one operating out of Pompano Beach, a coastal community just north of Fort Lauderdale.

The FCC tracked down a signal on 101.1 MHz to a commercial address in Pompano, featuring DJ “Mikey Mike” promoting the “Mikey Mike Birthday Splash” event. This took place 10/21/11.

On 2/27/12, they found the transmitter, and eventually learned that it was owned by Damian Anthony Ojouku Allen, who eventually showed up and removed the equipment from the location.

In preparing to assess a fine for unauthorized operation, the FCC discovered that Allen had priors – in fact, the operation on 101.1 constituted a move of a few clicks down the dial from his former illegal home on 102.1 MHz, which the FCC said Allen had used without authorization from “other locations” in the state.

That earned him a double fine. The notice of apparent liability is for $20K.