Another day, another EMF acquisition


SoldEducational Media Foundation just filed to buy a station outside Dallas-Fort Worth. Now it has filed to buy another that is just outside Anchorage AK and aspires to move to a new location, still just outside Anchorage AK.

The station is KMVV-FM. Currently licensed to Sterling AK, to the south of Anchorage, it has a CP to move to Meadow Lakes, which will orient it to the northeast of town.

The seller is World Radio Link Inc., headed by Clark Parrish and Earl Williamson.

The price of the station will be $550K, which will be paid pursuant to terms of two different promissory notes due at different stages of the transaction.

The seller is responsible for the buildout of the CP in Meadow Lakes, with the stipulation that EMF will reimburse it for up to $30K of expense associated with the station’s new tower.

EMF also has an option to back out of the deal if it is unsatisfied with the buildout, in which case the seller’s own Clark Parrish is listed as buyer, or “optioner,” for the same $550K.

The Sterling facilities specify a Class C1 station on 104.9 MHz with 45 kW @ 663’. The station will retain its class and frequency after the move, but will decrease power to 20 kW and increase its antenna HAAT to 906’.